Glory Kickboxing


Being the world’s number one kickboxing league, GLORY organises spectacular international events. Unfortunately, the website was on the ropes, missing the intensity and adrenaline of their thrilling events. Time for a ruthless comeback. Enter Rōnin.


What better way to capture the GLORY event vibe than attending one yourself, right? Research at the events allowed us to grasp the essence and allure of GLORY kickboxing. Together with their team we started dissecting their brand assets, website structure and complex fighter and event listings. Noticing little but important intricacies to leverage (beyond data), such as the die-hard fans of Badr Hari or the importance of country representation.


With over 95% of users on mobile we had to ensure everything works as smooth as butter on smaller viewports. This meant no more images/posters with embedded text, but making everything CMS-able. Everything! This includes curating the photo angles of a fighter.

UX & Design System

The new website is for those who want all the GLORY. It’s a digital hub allowing fans to easily access information, tickets, highlights, socials and new content. It takes into account the pre-, during- and post-event stages and makes the fan become part of the action. A rigid design system helped to easily build, change and migrate all the content to the CMS.

Design System


Big typography

Heroic Condensed

Label typography

Industry Demi Bold

Body typography

Roboto Regular


To capture the energetic vibe of GLORY, motion became a key factor in the process. We carefully curated which parts should animate and which remained static not to overwhelm the user.