Novablast 4


We were asked to develop the technology videos for ASICS shoe range. These videos educate customers about the products, technologies and their benefits. Our objective was to create a consistent framework for the videos while highlighting the unique features of each product silo.


We produced the films from early concepts to final delivery. The films indulge the details of the shoe design. Our treatment was minimalistic and premium — aligned with ASICS' brand principles. Additionally, we introduced an abstract metaphor to each film to evoke the unique sensory feeling of the shoe.

Abstract Metaphor

We developed a green foam metaphor for the NOVABLAST™ 4 inspired by the shard-like shapes of the shoe's distinctive midsole design.


We used dynamic yet naturalistic lighting and flat, graphic crops and compositions to contrast a soft feel with a technical style.

Research & Development

The project included extensive research and development — from an early storyboard and animatic phase to procedural simulations, physics simulations and explorations of lighting, materials and camera techniques.


The tech videos are used in markets around the world. We continue to develop new tech videos following our established structure, treatment and approach in an ongoing collaboration with ASICS.