Takeaway Rebrand


Take a fast-growing and instantly recognisable brand and give it a refresh. It’s not about changing the identity but augmenting it across digital channels for now and years to come.


In a competitive landscape where brands are vying for attention in digital spaces, it’s more important than ever that’s visual identity is as innovative and progressive as their approach to home delivery.


We reshaped the ordering experience using custom typography and design interaction creating an intuitive and simple path to the thing that matters most – the food.


Brand colours

Takeaway Orange


Takeaway Blue


Takeaway Electric Blue



Takeaway Sans


Roboto Slab


Takeaways' new icon library, designed from the ground up and used across all areas.

Maps integration

We redesigned the integration of Google maps to be visually matching the new identity features. Ordering, payment and checkout flow, all designed to enhance the user experience flow, with the main goal to reduce the number of clicks.

Rōnin helped us redefine our visual identity and pave the way for a robust user experience that keeps evolving.

Dimitrios Arapis

Team Lead Design

Intuitive user experience

The app is set out to be as simple and intuitive as possible. With thousands of restaurants having their own logos and dishes, we aimed at making it as consistent and easy on the eye as possible nonetheless. For this project we worked in close cooperation with Takeaways' internal development team, and delivered design directions and instructions for them to build on in the future.


Simultaneously improving the ordering flow and implementing a new (design)style, resulted in a first-class mobile first web platform and native experience for us hungry out there.