Human Forward


Create a personalised brand update for 3000 Randstad employees in real time at a physical event. Using a simple SMS-based activation, invite employees into the new brand story experience via a web app. Concept created by Likefriends.


The best storytelling is participatory. We wanted to invite people into a non-linear narrative where they could interact to discover content. This web experience gave Randstad an innovative and memorable way to share their new brand story.


The event rocked. People felt like they were part of the experience, not just passive observers but active participants in the Randstad story.

As a creative strategic agency we need peer creatives that are able to bring our ideas to life. Rōnin went above and beyond our expectations and created something of a quality level only they can pull off. There is no substitute for what these people can do in the business.

Stef de Jong

Founder LikeFriends